How It Began

Who We Are

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Adrenalin Attractions is a one-stop shop with a highly experienced team of designers, engineers, sculptors, painters, special effects programmers, and installers.  Some of our core team members are:

Scott d'avanzo

Founder & CEO

Scott D’Avanzo has 23 years experience in the entertainment industry, with 15 years as Chief Executive Officer at Adrenalin Gaming, a slot machine and table game manufacturer. Scott has been designing and building rides since 2012, when he personally built a dark ride in the garage of his family home, which became famously known as Mystic Motel.  Featured on Good Morning America, front page of Ladera Times, front page of the LA Times, Orange County Register, Ryan Seacrest, among others, this award winning home-made dark ride led Scott to opening Adrenalin Attractions in 2016 when he was asked to design and build Kooky Trails, a private dark ride for an individual.  With steady growth since its inception, the company continues to surpise its audience with amazing theming and attractions. The work quality of Adrenalin Attractions has been compared by many social media followers as “Disney Quality”.  

Ashton D'Avanzo

Co-Founder & Creative Design

Ashton D’Avanzo has 6 years experience in developing ride and story themes.  In 2012 it was Ashton that talked Scott, his father, into building a dark ride in their home.  Since then Ashton has worked side by side with Scott in theming, installation, storytelling, and lighting.  Ashton also enjoys pyrotechnics and in 2017 he performed his first fully automated fireworks show for a large crowd in Grand Terrace, California.

Risto Salvo


Risto is a licensed mechanical engineer in California and Nevada with 34 years of engineering experience.  He was an engineering manager at Lockheed for 9 years, then spent 3 years as a principal animation engineer at Walt Disney Imagineering, and a consultant to Universal Studios Hollywood and other large theme parks.  At Adrenalin Attractions, Risto handles the mechanical engineering for track and ride vehicle design.  

Mark Castle


Mark Castle Has spent the last 26 years in entertainment specializing in special effects and Automation. Starting with Knotts Berry Farm where he worked as a Technical Director for the Halloween Haunt event, he was designing and building many types of effects for the park. Mark then moved on to JEM FX where he specialized in designing, building, and programming control systems for live propane flame effects used in rock and roll tours. He did work for bands like Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Godsmack, Nickelback, GNR, and the Rolling Stones. He then stopped touring and started work for Advanced Entertainment Technology as the control shop manager. It was a UL508A shop that built control systems for theme parks around the world. The work could be something as simple as a small effect inside of a Theatre or an entire show action system inside of a ride. Mark is also the Head of Automation for Cirque du Soleil’s KA show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. KA is currently the largest Automated show in the world. He has spent the last 10 years Managing the entire operation from maintenance, operation, budgets, upgrades, repairs, hiring new employees, and training. At Adrenalin Attractions, Mark handles all aspects of controls from automating the show control system to running the ride vehicles.

Jason Wood

Character Design & Development

For over 20 years, Jason has been developing fun and exciting promotions, toys, and characters for Taco Bell, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Chik-Fil-A, Carl’s Jr., General Mills, CPW, Disney, and many more. He has been bursting with creativity since he was a child drawing cartoons for his elementary school. He continued to nurture his creative vision as he pursued a film and advertising/design degree and spent several years working for film studios and independent production companies. Jason is able to take a character description from text to a completed render in a short period of time while assuring the customer’s vision is spot on.

Daniel Irving

Sculptor & Visual Effects Artist

Daniel Irving holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual effects and motion graphics from the Art Institute of Portland.  Prior to Adrenalin Attractions, Daniel worked as a prop sculptor for Knott’s Berry Farm and as a sculptor for Morb-X creating props for film and television. He is also well versed in using 3D programs such as Maya and Zbrush to create models for 3D printing.

Jay Stephenson

Prop and Scenic Builder

Jay has worked at Adrenalin Attractions since its inception.  Jay has 20+ years experience in the construction industry and at Adrenalin he expanded his horizons into design and fabrication of mountains, caves, and rock work in addition to scaled model builds and trees.  

Colleen Mansfield

Lead Scenic Artist

Colleen has been a lead scenic painter in the theme park industry for 21 years, including 15 years at Disneyland, over 10 years of project based work with Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm.  Her experience proceeds beyond theme parks, Colleen also worked with Cirque Du Soleil, painted TV and movie sets, painted the Winter Olympic opening show sets, painted the Wynn Resorts Macau dragon, broadway show touring sets, costumes, and more.  

Susan Loulis-Budge

Scenic Artist

Susan has been painting in the theme park industry for many years and at Knott’s Berry Farm since 2010, including painting for Knott’s Scary Farm.  

Tony Sloan


Certified in pipe 6G and D1.1 since 2001, Tony is a pipe and structural welder.  Having worked in oil patches for many years prior, Tony is a precise and highly knowledgeable welder.