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Want to take your hotel or motel to the next level?  Our Stay and Scare™ technology is just what you need!

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Adrenalin Attractions offers a one of a kind turnkey service of transforming motel or hotel rooms into highly immersive experiences.  Adrenalin refers to this technology as Stay & Scare™, geared towards creating an interactive “haunted hotel” experience, however the theme doesn’t have to be haunted, it can also make for a great princess encounter or other magical experience!  

Designed and developed by Adrenalin, the patented system determines guest location within common areas of the establishment and inside guest rooms to activate themed props and special effects at the perfect moment.  This “smart” technology is designed not to display the same effect twice in guest rooms and with the addition of optional facial recognition technology, not show the same effect twice in common areas to the same guest. 

Adrenalin Attractions is a one-stop shop with a highly experienced team of designers, engineers, sculptors, painters, special effects programmers, and installers, making the Stay & Scare transformation seamless!