We love turning ideas into reality.  Here are some of the projects that we've brought to life:

Kooky Trails Logo.png

Kooky Trails

Kooky Trails was originally an idea for a video game when our client approached us to build a custom dark ride for his own personal use.  After several development meetings, his idea for a video game was beautifully transformed into one amazing dark ride.  Think of it as a personal theme park or mega man cave!  We wanted to design the space to be “explorable” so Kooky Trails features a hidden staircase, secret rooms, highly themed buildings including a theater, saloon, jail, hotel, balconies, and decks to enjoy the views.  The dark ride features an immersive queue line area complete with an animated video describing the journey and backstory that lurk ahead, a 2 minute journey aboard a Ford model-T style ride vehicle, and a grand finale 7 ft drop to add a dose of Adrenalin to the experience.


Mystic Motel

In its first year, Mystic Motel was built in a 2 car garage.  Space was limited so props had to be on the corners and in the ceiling to allow clearance for the single rider vehicle.  Given those challenges, the ride was short at 30 seconds, but enjoyed by 1,500 neighborhood kids and adults.  The second year, an immersive walk thru motel was added with hotel rooms and other scenes.  The third year a video was produced, a Queue area was built and added to the walk thru, the ride portion was expanded to the driveway, and 2 additional ride vehicles were added to increase PPM (people per minute).  The famous experience made several newspapers, radio shows, and was enjoyed by more than 3,000 people!  

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